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Doughbowl Candle Fall 2022 Small

Doughbowl Candle Fall 2022 Small

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Our rustic, wooden dough bowls make the perfect gift for anyone!

Made to order, these candles are usually ready within a week!

These will make a beautiful addition to your home decor and can be used for so many things once the candle is gone.

Each wood dough bowl is unique and may vary slightly in color, shape and rustic appeal. They are meant to look rustic so please keep this in mind.  If you are local I offer re-pours in your bowl, just send me a message! Each bowl is filled with approximately 24oz of wax, double the ounces of our largest candle!

*Autumn Bonfire

Take in the aroma of autumn nights by the fire. Smokey cedar and pine are accompanied perfectly with hints of brown sugar and vanilla. 

Top notes: Cedar, Amber

Middle notes: Smoke, Pine, Brown Sugar, Charred Wood

Base notes: Resin, Vanilla

*Bourbon Baked Apples

A wonderful scent of crisp apples, cinnamon, & sweet maple bourbon with a buttery, vanilla finish.  

*Fireside S'mores

Marshmallows roasting over a fire on a crisp fall night!  Perfectly cooked to make your ooey gooey S’mores!  

 Top notes: Vanilla, Amber

Middle notes: Sugar, Sandalwood

Base notes: Cedar, Clove

*Hello Fall

Welcome Fall!!  The perfect fall blend of cinnamon, pumpkin and buttercream with hints of smoked nutmeg.

Top notes: Buttercream, Clove

Middle notes: Pumpkin, Cinnamon

Base notes: Smoke, Nutmeg

*Pumpkin Caramel

pumpkin combines with buttery, vanilla caramel to make your space smell AH-MAZING!    *Owner Favorite!  

Top notes: Butter, Vanilla 

Middle notes: Pumpkin

Base notes: Caramel, Brown Sugar, Bakery

*Sweater Weather

Beautiful notes of greens and mint that intertwine with subtle undertones of green apples and peaches on a base of musk and moss.   

Top notes: Greens, Fresh Mint

Middle notes: Apple, Peach, Jasmine

Base notes: Oak Moss, Musk 


Thankful is a luscious blend of tart cranberries, juicy apples, and spice.  A favorite during the holidays, and wonderful all year round.

Top: Orange Peel, Apple
Middle: Cranberry, Cinnamon, Sugar
Base: Clove, Wood

*NEW* *Honey Spiced Pear

An inviting, year-round harmonious blend of freshly picked pears coated in sugar crystals. Highlighted with warm nutmeg, cinnamon and earl grey tea leaves. 

Top notes: Sugar Poached Pears, Crisp Apples, Lemon Zest

Middle notes: Earl Grey Tea, Fresh Honey, Warm Nutmeg

Base notes: Cinnamon Sticks, Vanilla, Glazed Syrup

*NEW* Warm Flannel

A warm, inviting masculine blend of spicy bergamot, rich mahogany wood, and soft musk. This fragrance was inspired by the BBW® scent.

Top notes: Bergamot, Warm Spice

Middle notes: Heirloom Mahogany, Jasmine

 Base notes:Soft Musk, Woods, Sweet Vanilla

*NEW * Autumn Leaves*

this fragrance is the perfect earthy addition to your fall collection! Sweet leaf greens, fresh pines, dewy spiced florals, and earthen musk combine with spiced apples to create this scent.

Top notes: Green Stem, Lemon, Cedar Leaf

Middle notes: Pine, Spiced Apple, Floral Mélange

 Base notes: Earthy Musk

NEW *Birchwood & Chestnut*

A delightful aroma of lightly roasted chestnut topped off with hints of leather and fresh rainfall notes. 

Top notes: Roasted Chestnuts

Middle notes: Sea Salt, Fireside

Base notes: Birch, Leather, Gentle Rain

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